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Trijumf Late Harvest
20.00 USD 16.00 EUR


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Trijumf Late Harvest

Dessert white wine

Geographical area:
Oplenac area

Name of the vineyard:

Gewürztraminer 1.2 ha


250 – 350 metres above sea level



Soil type:

Brown forest soil/ Vertisol


9,5% vol


0,375 l

The vintner's annotations

This wine is characterized with golden yellow color and has a high viscosity in a glass. It is concentrated and rich with a typical scent of wild roses together with notes of honey, figs, spices and tropical fruits. On the palate this wine is fresh with a superb balance of acidity and sugar with pronounced and long lasting aromatic complex.


Pairing with Food This wine is matching various types of fruit cakes, creampies and it particularly goes well with vanilla and white chocolate cakes.


Temperature: depending on the season: from 10 - 12ºC

Glasses: Small glasses for dessert wines

Grape variety
Gewürztraminer 100%
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