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Trijumf Terroir
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Trijumf Terroir

Dry oaked white wine

Geographical area:
Oplenac area

Name of the vineyard:

Chardonnay 10 ha


250 – 350 metres above sea level



Soil type:

Brown forest soil/ Vertisol


13,5% vol


0,750 ml

The vintner's annotations

Color dark-gold, with shades of amber.

Fragnances of dried fruits (pears, grapes and figs) with tones of clover honey, gingerbread, vanilla and coconut. Multi-level taste, extremely full and velvety soft with buttery-fruity dressings. Refreshing acid in the final reminds of the taste of white mulberry. Perfect balance of oak and sort.


Excellent with seafood, freshwater and saltwater fish, poultry meat and ideal with specialties of salmon (paste to smoked fish); grilled lobsters and gambles, baked turkey meat, smoked duck, stewed goose meat, pasta with mature cheese, mature cheese with a soft texture.


Temperature: depending on the season: from 12 - 14ºC

Glasses: for the full, rounded and mature white wines (larger, elongated body and the wider opening of glass will enable better perception of complex flavors). In lacking of these glasses, use ones for full, rounded and mature red wines.

Grape variety
Chardonnay 85%, Sauvignon blanc and Riesling 15%
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