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Aleksandrovic family is more than hundred years engaged in grape growing and winemaking. Milos Aleksandrovic, great-grandfather, was one of the founders of Vinca vinegrowing cooperative in 1903.

By the beginning of World war II the family had 30000 plants and closely collaborated with winegrowers and vintners of the royal cellar from the  beginning. Grandfathers Zivota and Aleksandar Aleksandrovic continued the tradition.

When  Zivan Tadic, the royal cellar master (who emigrated in Canada after the Second World War), had found that the Winery " Aleksandrovic" was restoring vintner tradition of Oplenac area, he sent a recipe to Vinca - and that was the brand structure of "Trijumf", which was the best royal wine, widely know at all European courts before the World War II. That is how we started to write new pages of our long family tradition of wine growing and production, drawing support from the experience of our ancestors on the basis of old manuscript, from new scientific knowledge and from modern technology.

A new stage in the development of the Winery Aleksandrovic begins in 2000, after the political changes In Serbia, when the new winery was built and when the most modern equipment for the production of excellent wines was obtained.